Diamond Drilling

Feb 1, 2022 | Geotechnical, Services

Diamond drilling is one of the most widely used core drilling methods used by professional contractors in today’s industry.

Our rigs offer rock coring capabilities to investigate bedrock.

The GT8 is specifically designed for diamond drilling, reaching depths of 1500’ .This makes it’s the ideal rig for exploration, mine sites, or any size project that other rigs can’t manage.

In this technique, the operator uses a rotary drill with diamond bits that are mounted in a manner that helps create accurate holes in hard structures. The industrial grade diamonds can easily pierce through concrete, metal, asphalt and any other substance that are extremely difficult to cut through otherwise.

Using these diamond drills, one can obtain precise and clean openings ranging from 8mm to 1500mm in diameter. What’s more, it is a non-percussive method. Another benefit of choosing this method is it doesn’t cause any damage to the adjoining structure while core drilling is performed. In the process, water is used to protect the equipment from overheating and to control dust production at the worksite.

Diamond drills can be operated in both horizontal and vertical direction depending on the project requirement. The operator need to select the accurate drill size depending on the diameter and depth required during the operation.