Environmental Drilling Services

Environmental Drilling requires the decontamination of all below ground tooling between sampling events in order to provide representative samples and eliminate the possibility of cross contamination between sampling locations.

Discrete undisturbed soil and groundwater samples are recovered from the subsurface in order to evaluate, monitor, and remediate contamination impacting the environment.

Hollow Stem Augers

Solid Stem Augers

Monitoring Wells

Mud Rotary

Vapor Probes

Sub-slab Vapor Installation

Geotechnical Drilling Services

Geotechnical Drilling is a critical element for any site investigation that is required for infrastructure and development such as building designs/foundations, dams, and roadways. Accurate data collected from subsurface soil investigations impacts the engineering design before buildings, dams, and roadways are constructed.

Air Rotary (ODEX)

Pneumatic Piezometers

Diamond Drilling

Mud Rotary

In-Situ Testing

CPT Testing

Shelby Tubes

Vane Shears


Exploration / Mining Services

Exploration/Mining services opts for diamond drilling capabilities from NQ, HQ, and HQ3 diameter holes. Our GT8 drill is capable enough to take on mining projects and has the best torque in its class, and it is specifically designed for rock coring which can reach depths of up to 1500ft.

Bedrock Coring

Angle Drilling

Diamond Drilling

Continuous Core

Tower/Ground Anchor Drilling

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