ODEX Casing System

Feb 8, 2022 | Services

ODEX Eccentric Casing System is the specialist in normal overburden conditions and shorter holes.

ODEX Eccentric Casing System is an eccentric retrievable drilling system that’s ideal for short holes up to 273mm (10 3/4″) in diameter. Well drillers often have an Odex drill bit at hand for simultaneous casing of water and geothermal wells. The advantage is that Odex drills and installs the casing quickly and efficiently. While the ingenious bit system allows the complete drill bit to be retrieved-ready to drill the next hole.

Where there’s medium to hard ground or a need for larger diameter casings then Symmetrix is right choice. In fact there is almost no limit to the depth Symmetrix can drill – just keep adding on casings.

For well drillers, it’s imperative to have a casing drilling system that’s easy to drill with any DTH drill rig. That’s where Odex comes into its own. Thanks to the ingenious reaming wing the bit is retrievable and can be used at the next well.