Vibrating Wire Piezometers

Feb 3, 2022 | Geotechnical, Services

Pneumatic piezometers are used to measure pore water pressure in saturated soils.

Slope Indicator’s pneumatic piezometers employ a simple and reliable transducer that is free from zero drift. Long term performance is enhanced by corrosion-resistant plastic construction, polyethylene tubing, and in-line filters in all connectors. Compatible with both flow and no-flow reading techniques.

Applications include:

  • Monitoring pore pressures to determine safe rates of fill or excavation.
  • Monitoring pore water pressures to determine slope stability.
  • Monitoring the effects of dewatering systems used for excavations.
  • Monitoring the effects of ground improvement systems such as vertical drains and sand drains.
  • Monitoring pore water pressures to check the performance of earth fill dams and embankments.
  • Monitoring pore water pressures to check containment systems at land fills and tailings dams.